If you want to develop feature-rich WordPress plugin in a hassle-free manner, our developers and designers are fully capable in generating W3C standards-based, custom extensions/plugins compatible with multiple versions of WordPress.

HTR Studio is specialized in WordPress plugin development services. We can create and develop high-performance, scalable plugins for your WordPress blogs and websites. Whether you are a start-up, small business or a large enterprise, HTR Studio can fulfills all of your Wordpress Plugin development. We provide state-of-the-art, secure and reliable Wordpress plugin development services to incorporate custom features to your website. Extend the functionality of your site with our custom plugins.

Expert team of HTR Studio is fully capable of developing highly customized WordPress plugins to give more feathers to your WordPress website. Our team has expertise in PHP and they can develop extremely good quality solutions for any type of plugins development requirements. As a WordPress.org plugin author, you have an amazing opportunity to create a plugin that will be installed, tinkered with, and loved by millions of WordPress users. All you need to do is turn your great idea into code. The HTR Studio is here to help you with that. We work closely with clients to identify business objectives so that our developers can formulate a detailed roadmap for implementation.

Plugins are packages of code that extend the core functionality of WordPress. WordPress plugins are made up of PHP code and can include other assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. WordPress plugins are the small yet very powerful additions and important extensions of existing functionality and are added to a WordPress site to add new and vital features to the site.

We, at HTR Studio can assure you of delivering high quality plugins which are SEO friendly, easy to integrate and use, deliver good performance, compatible with most of WordPress versions and are extremely secured and bug free.

HTR Studio covers a variety of topics everything from what should be in the plugin header, to security best practices, to tools you can use to build your plugin. It’s also a work in progress if you find something missing or incomplete, please notify the documentation team in slack and we’ll make it better together.

WordPress plugins can be as simple or as complicated as you need them to be, depending on what you want to do. Plugins allow you to greatly extend the functionality of WordPress without touching WordPress core itself. The focus of our expert developers is to provide exceptional plugin customization and development services which satisfy all your business requirements. Developing a custom WordPress plugin is not just adding codes, compiling it and uploading to your websites. A proper strategy has to be formulated to create a plugin according to your requirement.

Highlights HTR Studio Moderate and Cost Effective Custom Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Concept Ideation

We gather your requirements, and brainstorming with you before we begin the plugin development work.

Feasibility Analysis for Custom Plugin

We check for the tehcnical feasibility, business feasibility, and scalability of all the plugins we develop.

User Flow and UX Analysis

Defining a data flow diagram or work flow diagram of a custom WordPress plugin to understand the user experience of the website before the development process.

Engagement Terms of Plugin Development

Custom WordPress plugin can be considered as a mini product. No limits on the features that could carry with any plugin.

HTR Studio services for WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

We develop custom WordPress plugins from scratch, which you can use to add a unique functionality to your website, or sell as products to your customers.

WordPress Plugin Installation

WordPress plugins are utilities that provide additional functionality to your application. We often get complaints from users saying that they can’t see the plugins menu in their WordPress dashboard. We have covered all three methods: installing a WordPress plugin using search, uploading a WordPress plugin, and manually installing a WordPress plugin using FTP.

WordPress Plugin Customization

Do you have a problem with the current functionality of a plugin on site? Don’t worry, we can customize your WordPress plugin according to your business needs.

WordPress Plugin Upgrade

You can install plugin to add new features and functionality to your website like adding contact forms, photo galleries, sliders, etc. HTR Studio provides WordPress Plugin Upgrade service.

You should always keep your WordPress plugins up to date to ensure that those changes are applied on your site immediately. This improves WordPress security and performance of your website.

User Experience Design

We equip your plugin with native interactions to make it easy-to-use and consumable by even an average WordPress user with basic or no development knowledge.

Integration With Third-Party Software

Want to add a payment gateway or integrate APIs from external services? Our WordPress plugin developers are pros at seamlessly getting the job done.

Add-On/Extension Development

Add-ons and Extensions can be a great way to extend the current functionality of your plugin. We build yours to ensure they fit well in the WordPress architecture.

Plugin Maintenance Partnership

We maintain your existing WordPress plugin and make sure it’s compatible with the newer versions of WordPress to foster smooth operation.

HTR Studio WordPress Plugin development processes 

1. Discovery

We dig into the crux of your requirements by understanding your business goals and users’ needs.


2. Planning

Our WordPress plugin developers consider every detail involved to formulate an optimal development strategy.


3. Development

With your best interests in mind and an agile process in place, our WordPress plugin developers get down to work.

4. Testing


Our diligent quality assurance team probes and inspects your WordPress plugin to ensure elite bug-free results.

5. Perfecting

We reiterate and refine the job, to make sure your custom WordPress plugin meets your needs and expectations.

6. Delivery

Backed by expert hands and the best web development practices, your ideal WordPress plugin is brought to life.

We design secured and easy-to-use wordpress plugins. We resolve software clashing issues and deliver performance oriented, memory-conservative plugins. we put aligned strategy and efforts so that you get what you need without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Enhance Usability of Site
  • Specific to Business Process
  • 360 Degree Flexible Solution
  • Detailed Reporting

WordPress Plugin Developmentis best handled by an experienced team of professionals. And HTR Studio developer’steam is into development for years. whether you are seeking to hire WordPress plugin developer to customize any existing free plugin, we will achieve you desired integration by providing future-proof tools and expert PHP programming.

We offer following things for you:

  • Develop a new plugin from scratch.
  • Fix any issue in your plugin.
  • Customize your plugin without disturbing other functionalities.
  • We generate bug-free and scalable code snippets
  • We dedicate technical analyst for every single client.
  • Our designers are expert in generating engaging graphics and visual elements.
  •  You can consult the requirements FREE of COST and get the plugin recommendations 
  • We work closely with the client to make sure the website is as amazing as expected, or even more.
  • Dedicated services at best price
  • We are full-fledged team. Get support from web designers, app development, web developers, writers, graphics design, SEO & digital marketing experts.
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